Cabinet Bumpers

Home builders usually install low-quality bumpers on cabinet doors in kitchens and bathrooms.  Bumpers keep the doors from loudly banging into the cabinets when closed.  Cheap bumpers tend to get hard over time and lose what little ability they had to cushion door closure, so you experience banging and rattling.  They also tend to get sticky so that sometimes you have to pull hard on a door to open it.

Fortunately there is an easy and inexpensive remedy to hard, sticky cabinet bumpers.  Replace the cheap bumpers with the best bumpers madeReplacement bumpers found at hardware and home improvement stores aren’t much better than cheap ones, but may be your preference.  I am promoting Quietex bumpers because they are far superior to anything else out there for durability and performance.  Either way, bumper replacement is shown below.

Scrape off old bumper and remove adhesive residue so area is clean and dry.









Stick new bumper at corner where old one was.









If bumper does not stay in place, use a small amount of clear silicone caulk to make it stick.















Note that each door will have at least two bumpers (upper and lower).  Kitchen and bath drawers also usually have bumpers which can (should!) be replaced as well.




Quietex self-adhesive bumpers come in sheets of 50 each and shipping is usually free.  They can be purchased online from a couple of sources:

These bumpers have a few other uses as well (to keep pictures hanging straight, non-skid feet and more).

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2 Responses to “Cabinet Bumpers”

  1. peter Says:

    could you just use a bead of silicone

    • jpeisker Says:

      Hi Peter, Not sure how well silicone would work here. I would expect it would be difficult to control the size, shape and resilience of the material. You can sure try it and let us know.
      These ones I mention were engineered with lots of data and are manufactured under highly controlled conditions.

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